Lubrication Engineers Monolec® Extend EM Grease 1282

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Polyurea Grease Prolongs Life of Electric Motor Bearings

Formulated with polyurea thickener and designed specifically for use in electric motor bearings, Monolec® Extend EM Grease offers superior mechanical stability for long service life. It features low bleed characteristics, excellent pumpability, and great oxidation resistance. It is especially effective when severe industrial operating conditions such as extreme temperatures and high speeds are present.

Monolec® is a registered trademark of Lubrication Engineers, Inc. Perma® is a registered trademark of perma-tec GmbH u. Co. KG.

Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.



Enhances Performance & Reliability

  • Helps bearings run cooler and last longer
  • Increases efficiency of motor by decreasing drag
  • Exhibits superior mechanical stability
  • Provides long service life without any change in consistency
  • Experiences low oil separation; will not bleed into motor's windings
  • Possesses extreme pressure characteristics

Resists Heat & Other Extreme Conditions

  • Exhibits high dropping point
  • Is extremely resistant to oxidation
  • Maintains excellent pumpability at low temperatures
  • Experiences very low evaporation rate

Withstands Water

  • Provides superior water spray-off resistance
  • Maintains mechanical stability in presence of water
  • Protects against rust and corrosion



  • Operating Temperature Range: -23ºC (-10ºF) to 204ºC (400ºF)
  • The best practice is to avoid mixing different lubricants.
  • When converting from another lubricant to Monolec Extend EM Grease (1282), it is always best practice to disassemble the equipment and remove all of the old lubricants prior to introducing the new grease.
  • If it is not possible to disassemble the equipment, purge the old lubricant with Monolec 1282 and shorten the relubrication interval. Purge again with Monolec 1282 and closely monitor.



  • Electric motor bearings
  • Automotive bearings in generators, alternators, and starters
    • Not for wheel bearings and automotive chassis applications


Texture: Smooth w/ Slight String

Thickener Type: Polyurea

Color: Purple

NLGI Grade: 2


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