SDT Ultrasound Solutions SDT270ASU Trend Kit ATEX

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The SDT270 ATEX ultrasound detector is built on SDT’s “Building Blocks” principle. Building Blocks give organizations the flexibility to enhance their instrument’s capability through a number of available feature upgrades. As your program grows your needs will change. SDT270’s Building Blocks grows in step with you.

The SDT270ASU Trend ATEX Kit is a top-end ultrasound solution comprised of all the hardware, software, sensors, and accessories, required for a world-class ultrasound program with a focus on condition based monitoring and trending. The SDT270ASU Trend kit is pre-packaged with all sensors and accessories that address the major ultrasound applications and is fully upgradeable.


    SDT270ASU Trend Kit ATEX Hardware

    SDT270ASU Ultrasound Data Collector equipped with the following measurements and features:

    • ATEX rated intrinsically safe 

    • Static measurements with four condition indicators (4CI)  
    o Ultrasound – airborne and structure borne
    o Temperature – non-contact spot radiometer (°F/C)
    o Tachometer – non-contact tachometer

    • Onboard user-defined planned survey mode 

    • Adjustable mixer to tune detection frequency (1-128 KHz)

    • Support for 6 languages plus icon and text driven commands

    • 2 stage backlit LCD

    • Laser pointer

    • IP addressable USB interface to PC (upload/download)

    • 12 button keypad and one-handed operation

    • Aluminum extruded housing with rubber protective cover


    • Ultranalysis Suite™ Dynamic Master Licence includes 2 licensed installations and central database enabled

      o Tree structured database, multiple survey creation, trend graphs, time waveform analysis, FFT, scalable y-axis, asset image mapping, customizable alarming, sensor, and data collector serial number recording for accountability

    Sensors & Accessories

    • Built-in airborne ultrasound sensor with precision focusing tip

    • RS1-T ATEX contact ultrasound sensor with magnetic base, lube adaptor and cable

    • ATEX Flexible airborne sensor with standard cable

    • EDS – Extended distance sensor signal amplifier

    • 200mW Bisonic ultrasound transmitter with power charger

    • ATEX Headphones with 130dB noise attenuation (neckband style)

    • Universal voltage battery charger (110-240V AC 50/60Hz)  

    • Manuals and applicable software on memory flash drive or downloadable

    • SDT custom carrying case, sure-lock latches, foam liner

    • Belt attachment and shoulder strap

    • Precision indicator set and thread protector cap 


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