Lubrication Engineers Synolec® Lubricant 9963

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A pure synthetic oil for high-temperature applications.

Chains and conveyors which operate in high-temperature environments are extremely difficult to lubricate effectively. Even the very finest petroleum oils oxidize very rapidly as temperatures climb, leaving behind deposits which are detrimental to smooth, efficient chain and conveyor operation.

To meet this severe test of lubricant technology, LE developed 9963 SYNOLEC® Lubricant. As the name implies, this special product is pure synthetic. It leaves no deposits to cause chains to bind, jump the sprocket or break, or conveyor rollers to slide or bind.

Since 9963 SYNOLEC is an oil, it can be applied easily with standard equipment . . . spray, drip applicator, or brush.

MONOLEC creates a single (mono-molecular) lubricating layer on the metal surface, vastly increasing film strength without affecting tolerances. Forming microscopic “ball bearings,” MONOLEC allows opposing surfaces to slide by one another, greatly reducing friction, heat and wear.

While 9963 SYNOLEC was originally developed as a high-temperature chain and conveyor lubricant, it is also appropriate for sealed-for-life bearings and other high-temperature applications where an oil may be used.

Lubrication Engineers operates under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality System.


  • Oil dissipates at high temperatures, leaving no residue. Metal surfaces remain clean and chains, conveyors, and bearings operate freely and smoothly.
  • Stable, long-lived oil. Does a better job of lubricating with less lubricant consumed.
  • Cleans off deposits left by ordinary lubricants. Clean parts work smoother and more efficiently, requiring less power.
  • Easy to apply with standard equipment. No special equipment or tools needed to start realizing benefits of 9963 SYNOLEC immediately.
  • Cuts costly downtime by reducing wear and minimizing the danger of broken chains and conveyors, or seized bearings.
  • Controls rust and corrosion because of special additives.



Originally designed as a high-temperature chain and conveyor lubricant; however, it is also appropriate for sealed-for-life bearings and other high-temperature applications.



Do not use where extreme pressure (EP) gear oil is required. Also not recommended for use in food preparation equipment where incidental contact may occur.


Color: Green

Viscosity Index: 180

USDA Rating: H2

Gravity: 10.7 ºAPI


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